DISCOVER CHILE, its soul and its people, on a city bike tour!

Take in the wonders of Chile and its people on a biking tour, or amble along in historical neighborhoods, discovering unique alleys, plazas and corners of Valparaiso and Santiago, where time has stood still.

On our exclusive collection of tours, you will be shown around the lesser-known “barrios” at a peaceful and on-your-own-time pace where you are free to discover and experience a culture that embraces traditions but invests in its future.

Our friendly guides strive to WOW! you on each and every tour, immersing you in two of our most fascinating cities. They will share their passion with you in an intimate setting, focusing on both Chile’s heritage and its future.

Old Santiago

Duration: 5 hours
Biking: 19km-11.8miles
Includes: picnic lunch

Santiago by Night

Duration: 4-5 hours
Biking: 12km-7.6miles
Elevation gain: 300m-985feet
Includes: picnic lunch

Parks and Wines

Duration: 5 hours
Biking: 15km-9.32miles
Includes: picnic lunch

Kids and Parks

Duration: 3.55 hours
Biking: 14.3km-8.87miles
Includes: snacks and picnic lunch

Cajon del Maipo

Duration: 7-8 hours
Biking: 44km-27.3miles
Elevation gain: 760m-2,500feet
Includes: Round transportation, snacks, picnic lunch


Duration: 8 hours
Biking: 16km - 9.9 miles
Elevation gain: 1000m-3,281feet
Includes: Round transportation, snacks, picnic lunch
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