What’s included in the tour?

We include the bike, helmet, bandana to absorb perspiration, a band to prevent your pants go into the chain, a bottle of mineral water, snacks (granola bar, dried fruit) and lunch or dinner according to the tour you reserved.An English bilingual guide will lead the tour and if the group is larger than 6 guests or there are small children, and assistant guide will come along. We have also Italian speaking guides.

What happens if it rains?

If you are taking a day tour around the city or the vineyards, we will cancel the tour.If you are taking a multi-day day program, we will continue with the plan for the day as long as it is safe to bike. If rain is too hard and makes pedaling unsafe, we will take our "plan B", usually visiting a museum or going to an interesting place nearby. If the weather will not allow us biking for the day, we will take our vehicle and go to the next planned hotel

Is the food included?

Yes, all food is included. If you have special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten free, allergies) please let us know in your booking form. We will provide the right food for you.

What if I can’t pedal?

We understand that you are informed of the characteristics of the route and have the physical condition to do it. In most of our city tours, we do not consider a support vehicle. However, should you find that the route is too hard for you, we may ask our driver to pick us up.In the case of "Santiago by Night" tour, where we have to climb the Metropolitan Park, our pick-up truck will be waiting for us at the entrance of the park: should you prefer to go by car to the top, feel free to do it.In our multi day programs a support vehicle will be with us along the route.

What type of bikes do you have?

We have 24 gears mountain bikes, with shock absorbers. For small children, we have one wheeled trailer type bicycle that is attached to the normal bike of one parent. We also have special bike seats for babies.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, you can. Consider though that the price of the tour will not change

What type of accommodations should I expect?

On all our tours where we include lodging, we choose superior quality hotels of a “boutique” type and/or other type of accomodations. For instance, in our route “Patagonia and Carretera Austral” the available accommodations are generally rustic, but very comfortable and cozy. In some points of the route like Ensenada and Puelo, we can choose more modern and/or better quality lodging, but this is not possible for the rest of the route. Nonetheless, we take care that the accommodations comply with high quality and service standards.

Will I have Internet service in the hotels?

In Chile, there is very good Internet service around the country. In some rural areas, the service can be slow but in most places you will be able to check your email.

May I customize the trip?

Yes, we can customize your tour, provided the new route does not interfere with other guests' plans.In our city tours, if you have visited certain neighborhoods, we can redesign the route to include other parts of the city. In our full day tours (visit to wineries) we can include or exclude some parts of a route or a visit to a specific winery of your choice. Consider that might change the price published in our website.In our multi day programs, we can adjust the route to your physical abilities. This might consider a change in the design and the hotels we have chosen, so the price could change.Finally, you can decide what type of lodging you prefer, choosing from a simple and cozy bread & breakfast to a fancy 5 star boutique hotel. This of course can not be done in all the routes, but in cities or towns where there's availability of hotels.

If the tour has more guests, does the price decreases?

The price varies according to the final number of guests. Please check our "pricing" section for every tour

What clothing should I bring?

The general rule is bringing comfortable clothing, avoiding too tight or too loose garments. You should consider bringing one or several layers, that you can add or shed according to the temperature.For our "Santiago by Night" tour, don't forget to bring warm clothing for the evening since the temperature decreases dramatically after the sunset, even in the middle of summer.For our multi-day tours, a careful selection of professional bike clothing is necessary. In this case, consider also bringing your own saddle, helmet and pedals.

Where do the tours start?

For each tour we have defined a departure point. Please consult the maps and indications in the information given for each tour in our website. We strongly advise you to print the indications and maps if applicable

Do you have a support vehicle?

We have a support vehicle for our full day and multi-day tours. In our city tours we include a support vehicle for our "Santiago by Night" tour in the uphill section only or in case of emergency.

Can I speak to someone who has traveled with you?

We can contact with a guest who have made the tour with us and ask if he/she would be available for exchanging information with you.

Can a non-rider come along with me?

Yes, provided we have room in our support vehicle. In the case of a city tour (that does not include the vehicle) we will charge an extra price.To travel in our van, kids of 8 years or less must be accompanied by one of their parents; kids of 4 years or less must travel in a specially designed carseat that is not provided by Paseos en Bicicleta.Specially designed bikes or carseats to transport children must also be provided by parents if they wish to bike with their children.

Is the route appropriate for me?

Every route is labeled according to the type of difficulty you will be faced with. When you book a tour, we understand you believe your physical shape is reasonable to bike that route.

Should I tip the guides?

Tips are a nice way of thanking the service of our guides. A usual tip is 10% of the total price of the tour

How do I pay the tour?

For our city tours and full day tours, we accept cash-only payment.For our multi day tours, a money transfer of 50% of the tour is mandatory at least 30 days prior to the departure (note that this may change depending on the time of the year: in high season, October to February, we need 60 days payment before the departure, in order to make the reservations at the hotels). We will send you the details for the transfer.For more information, please check our POLICIES

Is Health Insurance included in the price of the tour?

No. Each client is responsible for buying health, accident and luggage loss insurance. Paseos en Bicicleta will not assume any responsibility for losses or damages of any kind during the tour. Health and accident insurance is a necessary condition for taking any of our tours and each rider must send us a copy of the insurance policy before starting the tour. Paseos en Bicicleta cannot accept a passenger without Health Insurance.