Chile's Lake District

The Lake District of Chile and Carretera Austral will give you eternally bewitching memories and you will never come out from under its spell.

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  • Small groups, usually 4 people and no bigger than 10
  • Professional and dedicated English speaking guides
  • Bike route along safe and tranquil roads around Lake Llanquihue, in the Lake District of Chile
  • Visit to Petrohué Falls, an impressive waterfall formed after the eruption of Volcano Osorno.
  • Breathtaking views of the glaciers of Volcano Osorno.
  • Sleep in 100+ years old German immigrants' house
  • Enjoy fine cuisine and cozy lodgings
  • Visit to Puerto Octay, a gem on the shores of Lake Llanquihue
  • Support vehicle along the route.
  • Visit to Cochamó Valley, renowed as one of the most impressive rock climbing paradise of the world
  • Customized pace: we stop as much as you want.
  • The trip can be customized and before or after it, you can join our wine tours in the Central Zone or city tours in Santiago.
  • Deluxe on route picnics that include:
    • Sandwich of different types
    • Home made soup
    • Fresh and dried fruit
    • Different breads and cheeses
    • Salame, olives
    • Grilled vegetables
    • Coffe / tea
    • Chocolate and alfajores
    • Mineral water


An exclusive and with a small group of guests bike tour in the Lake District of Chile, a pristine corner of Southern Chile. You will bike among old rainforests, admire the impressive Lake Llanquihue and Volcano Osorno, bike along the legendary Carretera Austral and horseride in the Valley of Cochamó, world class paradise for rock climbers with some of the most impressive boulders of South America.

  • Biker level: active

Trip Length

  • 6 days


  • For your convenience, you should arrive to Santiago the day before of departure
  • This is a route of a moderate technical and physical demand and to enjoy it, you must be in good shape.
  • Accident insurance is mandatory for all our tours.


  • We make this tour with 4 or more passengers. Prices may vary according to the number of people: please consult our pricing list.

Clothing & Gear

  • Clothing for this adventure must be carefully selected. It is mandatory that you have thermal “first layers”; cotton clothing is not advisable since it gets wet with rain or perspiration and takes away body heat from you.
  • We also suggest to bring wind jackets and padded cycling shorts and tights. Don’t forget your cycling shoe covers, sun glasses, gloves, bandanas, fleece hat, lip protector and solar screen (50SPF)


  • Weather in Patagonia is extremely local, changing and capricious: on a same day we can have the 4 seasons, sunny in the valleys and snow in the mountain ranges. Or we could have several cloudy days in a row, or sunny or windy: it is hard to trust the forecast and the best attitude is enjoy the climate as it presents.

Other info

  • The route is paved on a few sections with different types of loose gravel on the others. There are frequent climbs and descents with various pitches, which calls for being in good shape. Patagonia weather is variable with mostly sunny days in the summer but we probably will encounter rain, wind, and perhaps even hail. In the summer months, the insects are out, but in no way are they dangerous.
  • In order to enjoy the trip, we recommend that you be in good physical condition, and be prepared for the varying weather conditions that will unfold as we travel. In any case, there will always be a support vehicle following for the entire route should there be any need to use it.
  • You book a place filling out our sign up form and making a deposit of 70% of the cost of the tour. The balance has to be paid at least 60 days before the tour.
  • According to climatic conditions, we might change the order of our program.
  • We will be visiting remote places and therefore we will have little time to make shopping or buy souvenirs.
  • A supporting vehicle will be always accompanying us.
  • If you decide to bring your own pedals, helmet and saddle, please let us know.


  • Chilean Patagonia is rugged by nature with a nascent tourism industry, thus guaranteeing the possibility of traveling to innumerable pristine places with only a few visitors. For the design of our route, we have chosen the most comfortable accommodations available, however they remain rustic and fairly simple--basic comforts that are in no case, sophisticated. But we offer the highest quality services available to us within this remote region.


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