Our superb design

Our routes have been carefully planned to offer some of the most beautiful and lesser known sites in Chile and its capital city, surprising even our fellow Chileans.

It takes months for our planning team to gather the historical, geographical and cultural background information before we define a new tour. We then visit several times the new route before offering it to you.

We are committed to showing our clients not only the most beautiful and striking sites in Chile, but also to getting you acquainted with the local culture and ways of life, the same as what we would do with our dearest friends. Our goal is to surprise you.

Our guides are the support of our service, consistently offering our clients motivation, capacity to adapt, humor, willingness, good disposition, leadership and empathy.

We offer you a committed and caring cooking service. Each one of our picnics, dinners, or just simple snacks is prepared using fresh and carefully selected ingredients.

The local operators we work with offer a specialized service, sharing our goals

of quality and care.