We are a team, traveling together and sharing great adventures. Now we want to share our country and friendship with you!


Andrés Garrido


Andrés is the creator of "Paseos en Bicicleta." He is mad about bicycles, his only means of transportation in town. Mountain trails are his passion though, and whenever possible he escapes to where silence and colors are his only companions. Besides Spanish, Andrés is fluent in English and Italian.


Inés Casassa


Inés is in charge of our memorable picnics and the sumptuous evening meals we enjoy while watching night-lit Santiago. Her cuisine and mind for details will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet, making our trips an unforgettable culinary as well as cultural experience. Besides Spanish, Inés is fluent in English and Italian.


María Olivia Tuteleers

Management and Marketing

"Marolivia" is our foolproof friend, capable of solving any problem thanks to her hands-on attitude, insurmountable good humor and incredible disposition. Biking has changed her life, becoming a fan of the two wheels.


Carolina Bañados

Social Communicator

Interested in culture and history, extensively traveled, sensitive and with a special taste for good cooking, "Carola" is also an exceptional guide. Her sympathy and care for our tourists' safety and comfort make any of the routes guided by her an unforgettable and safe cultural experience. Besides Spanish, Carola is fluent in English.


Manuela Garrido

Physical Therapy Student

"Manu" is our main assistant guide. Young, a good disposition and wide travelling experience make of her an invaluable participant in our tours, taking care of safety and making our clients feel like family. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian.


Colin Bennet


Colin, a gringo from Iowa with a few years of Chile under his belt already, is our gourmet guide who can lend a hand with good places to drink a cup of joe, enjoy a long dinner or a simple sandwich on your way. An avid fan of Santiago’s back streets and hidden corners, he’s joined our team as a guide and marketing advisor. Colin speaks Spanish fluently.


Gonzalo Barros


Gonzalo is not only an architect, but a bike freak as well. Bikes are not merely his means of transportation around town, he's also pedaled extensively in Costa Rica, where he has acquired very rich experiences and the desire to spend his life discovering new routes on two wheels. Gonzalo is fluent in Spanish and English.


Conrado Valderrama


A dreamer who can turn the impossible into reality, Conrado is one of our team's latest additions. Just a few months ago Conrado was a devoted car user, but when he discovered traveling on two wheels his life turned over. We greet him with the warmest welcome to this project of pedals and dream routes.


Pablo Alvéstegui


Good humored, good disposition and an easy and contagious laugh are Pablo's trademarks. After a long stay in Paris, Pablo is back in this land, to bike and share the city with our clients on bikes. Besides Spanish, Pablo is fluent in French, German and English.


Ema Garrido

High School Student

Ema is our multipurpose helper, proficient biker and excellent rock climber. Her sweetness and patience are always available, whether she's helping in the preparation of our picnic, or working on adjusting and cleaning our bikes. Ema also speaks good English, making her one of our favorite guides-in-training.


Tomás Irarrázaval


Outdoors fanatic and biker, marathon runner in Santiago, Puerto Varas and New York, worshipper of the 2 wheels after his stay in Canada in 2002, Tomás was born a guide. On board his beloved multi-colored bike (his only means of transportation in Santiago) he has traveled extensively in Southern Chile. Tomás speaks English fluently and has collaborated with Paseos since October 2010.


Isabel Garrido

Sociology Student

Isa and passion are one and the same. Be it pedaling or preparing our picnic, the firm and strong hands of Isa leave their memorable mark. Our clients have recognized her competence, and the picnics she prepares always get superlative reviews. Besides Spanish, Isa, too, is fluent in English.


Gabriel Gonzalez

Engineering Student

Gabriel is our newest guide and a remarkable one! He started working with us as a mechanic, taking care of repairing and cleaning our bikes. Soon he showed his enormous charm, commitment and professional attitude and rapidly became a key stone in our project. Be it driving, biking or preparing the tours, Gabriel has an insurmountable good humor and hands-on attitude. We feel proud to have him in our team!.


Sandra Beckman

English Teacher

Sandra, an adventurous “gringa” recently emigrated to Chile, has become a key element in our project. With infinite patience and a consistently good disposition she proofreads the English texts on our website and contributes ideas, enthusiasm and good humour to our dreams for routes, wines and pedaling.


Judith Hoffman

Translator and Biologist

Judith is a Chilean-hearted "gringa" who has lived extensively in Chile including Torres del Paine National Park as a wildlife researcher. She was also editor of Sharon's Chester´s book, A Wildlife Guide to Chile. Her insurmountable enthusiasm, good ideas and long hours proofreading and correcting the English texts for our website make her an invaluable part of our team.


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