Patagonia by Bike

Join us in a journey through the mystic and the marvels of Patagonia, a wondrous and remote piece of Earth. Ours is an invitation to submerse yourself in the beauty of the lakes, volcanoes, glaciers, forests and fjords.

Riding through Patagonia by bike is a challenge for the mind, body and spirit, to overcome our own limitations and travel through one of the few remaining pristine and virtually untouched natural wonders of the planet.

Chile's Lake District
6 day Program

The Lake District of Chile and Carretera Austral will give you eternally bewitching memories and you will never come out from under its spell

Andes Crossing
4 day Program

Cross the Andes and discover landscapes of unequalled beauty: volcanoes, crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, endless native forests and the legendary Patagonian pampas

& Estancias

Torres del Paine in Patagonia is the place where the synonyms of “beauty” become scarce. A thrilling 5 day bike tour through with the possibility to explore Patagonia at your own pace!

Bike & Ride

Torres del Paine in Patagonia is the place where the synonyms of “beauty” become scarce. A thrilling 6 day bike and ride tour through Patagonia and hike in Torres del Paine National Park.

Bike, Hike & Ride

On a breathtaking 8 day tour to Torres del Paine you will be able to bike, hike and navigate in one of the most beautiful and pristine places on Earth.

Bariloche Mountain Bike

Live your dream vacations in Bariloche, renowned around the world for its magnificent natural scenery and remote settlements

Lakes & Volcanoes
8 Day Program

The lakes and volcanoes of Chile, the Andes Mountains, hotsprings and the seven-lakes route will be the the main course of this thrilling bike tour.

Chile & Argentina
12 day program

Torres del Paine 5 days
Cross the Andes, bike around Villarrica National Park and the famous seven-lakes route in Argentina. This is un unforgettable world-class bike tour.
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