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This is a unique Santiago cultural tour. We will visit different art spaces, off-the-beaten path barrios, learn about history and walk along astonishing parks.

Santiago is a whimsical city and the the multi-faceted capital of Chile. The new and the old conveys flawlessly along linear parks that connect audacious districts with soaring office towers. Emotive historic sites that in the last years have undergone a well-deserved makeover will be a well-deserved prize; you will find the imposing elegance of La Moneda Presidential Palace and the action-packed Mercado Central, awash with people and activity.

In this unique 3 hour walking tour along different parts of the city, we will visit thriving art spaces, venture down around off-the-beaten path barrios and walk along astonishing parks that are the backbone of a head-spinning city just waiting for you to discover.

Architecture of Santiago: 4 hours walking & vehicle tour

Duration: 4 hours

Includes: Bilingual Guide - Transportation

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Santiago Churches: 3 hours walking tour

Duration: 3 hours

Walking: 5km

Includes: Guide - Water

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